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The Performance Pursuit is a sport and performance psychology consulting company. It aims to enhance the potential of both athletes and exercisers from a mental standpoint. Much like physical conditioning, mental skills conditioning can be implemented for the athlete and exerciser to maximize their skill set, enhance motivation and confidence, and increase the likelihood of reaching health and fitness goals. Consultants work with the individual based on their schedule and preferences (through in person sessions, phone or FaceTime calls, as well as Skype sessions). Currently, consultants are located in Chicago, IL, the Virginia Peninsula, and Trinidad & Tobago; however, they are able to work with clients outside of these areas through electronic communication.

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Bellicon is the most fun you’ll ever have getting in shape, losing weight, improving your health, increasing your stamina, and boosting your immune system. It exercises every one of the 638 muscles in your body while being low-impact, low-stress, and revitalizing to your entire system. Plus, it’s actually fun. So, instead of avoiding your workouts, you’ll be looking forward to them.

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