Insist on Living and Working from Energy rather than from Exhaustion: The importance of doing what’s good for the soul

Insist on Living and Working from Energy rather than from Exhaustion: The importance of doing what’s good for the soul

It is quite possible to feel low and drained even though your body is healthy. While you may exercise, eat healthfully and use high quality supplements, your energy and vitality may still be depleted if you do not set up safeguards for protecting your so

  • Practice eliminating toxic thinking and rather focus on good thoughts by reframing how you view what happens to you.  Change paradigms, shift mindsets and/or listen to those who are wiser than you in order to change toxic or negative thinking habits that can change your brain chemistry for the worst.  Two people who have done a lot of work on how thoughts affect your brain and your health are Dr. Carolyn Leaf () and Dr. Daniel Amen ( ).
  • Determine, among your friends and family, who is safe and truly cares about your life being healthy and whole.  Spend time, when necessary, sharing your struggles with them.  Inevitably you will feel energized rather than drained after you leave their presence because true friends will either encourage you or love you enough to sharing difficult but life-enhancing truths that refresh your mind and life.  Drastically limit your time around those who consistently take swipes at your soul with cutting words or insensitive remarks. They will cost you needed mental and emotional energy.
How to Save Your Energy When Stress Hits

How to Save Your Energy When Stress Hits

You have a calling, a mission, and a purpose.  You have goals to achieve and obstacles to overcome. You have problems to solve and an impact to make. But right now, you may be in an incredibly frustrating season or a horrendous ordeal.  How much more difficult is it to complete your goals or make your impact when your mind is strong but your body is weak and nearly worn out? Ideally, we want you to have the physical energy to match all the creative energy that is housed within our soul.   This week I am suggesting 4 physical tips for protecting your energy and regaining strength when stress-induced fatigue starts showing up in your body.

#1 – Eat foods that are rich in probiotics (the beneficial bacteria that improves digestion and optimizes your immune system) such as kefir, yogurt, miso soup and/or kimchi. When you are under a lot of stress, digestion and absorption usually will not be optimal and you may tend to notice more gas, bloating, indigestion and a frequent tendency to catch colds.  If this is happening, you are not absorbing the energy-producing nutrients you need and fatigue will set in.  Having an unhealthy gut with too little good bacteria can even increase your tendency to gain weight and feel depressed.    

Get Deeper, More Restful Sleep

Get Deeper, More Restful Sleep

Saving our sleep…

Part 2

There are certain things about sleep deficiency that we know to be true.  Without enough sleep, we don’t think as clearly or concentrate as well as we’d like to; we are more easily irritated and we’re often too tired to carry out our daily tasks with grace and discipline.  But there is something even more health-threatening than the described mental and physical fatigue.  It’s called insulin resistance.  Insulin resistance is described as a poor cellular response to the blood sugar regulating hormone called insulin.  If the body’s cells are not sensitive to insulin, it may lead to metabolic syndrome, a precursor to diabetes.  Lack of sleep most readily impairs the ability of the fat cells to respond to insulin.  This leads to fat storage, or the dreaded “belly fat”. 

If chronic stress is making sleep difficult, it is highly likely that your magnesium stores are very low and insufficient to offset the stimulating effects of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenalin. 

Get Deeper, Healthier Sleep

Get Deeper, Healthier Sleep

Especially if You Want to Fight Stress More Efficiently

Part 1

A lack of sleep is more than just annoying (think of being wide awake at 3:00 am and just staring at the walls), it's damaging to your health. It will lower your resistance to disease as well as your ability to handle stress well. Insomnia will undoubtedly rob you of needed vitality and push you towards burnout faster.

Have this attitude: Good Sleep is non-negotiable! If you are a hard worker, a deep and focused thinker, a creator of beauty, a problem solver, etc., you will need mental clarity and a rested and restored body to meet the demands of what you do. Do not allow yourself to fall into or remain in a cycle of exhaustion.

Here are some action steps you can take right away to calm your body and mind so that you can begin to sleep well again. Note: these are foundational steps to take in order to develop better habits and upgrade your sleeping environment. 

                                                   FAMILY HEALTH AND VITALITY


“Lives and families are so intertwined and connected that you cannot discount their influence on our whole well-being.” a Vitality Client

The above words were written by a dear client after I told her how happy I was about receiving several beautiful family pictures from clients in the mail this year.   These precious and unexpected photos were accompanied with sweet thank you notes and encouraging health progress reports. A dear family from Alabama sent a  heart-warming picture of their smiling family of four, along with a beautiful Christmas picture artfully colored by their talented 8 yr old son (See above! Name blurred for privacy)  What a gift of encouragement for the new year... A vision of healthy and energetic families!  

Healthy Associations and Your Vitality:

Healthy Associations and Your Vitality:

Are your relationships energizing you or depleting you?

In past posts, I've shared perspectives that can help you enjoy more
energy and greater vitality.  Why start with these instead of food and
vitamin choices?  I believe it is foundational to establish standards &
boundaries that will increase your chances of not only re-gaining
your energy but maintaining that energy. In this way you will be able
to work and win in life without burning out.  As you invest in yourself,
it's important to make sure your lifestyle habits, mindsets and key
relationships are supportive of the new vitality you will acquire with
your  customized nutrition program.
Stop Putting Your Health and Well-being in the Backseat!

Stop Putting Your Health and Well-being in the Backseat!

For the Overwhelmed, Over-obligated and Overbooked

When I consider clients who complain of exhaustion, I often hear two foundational common factors-

#1 – They love their work or calling so much that they sometimes lose balance and ultimately over-do for others and under-do for themselves. These overworked individuals make multiple commitments to others but often neglect to make time to create space for their own care and recreation. It's easy to do.  Ken Davis, a professional speaker and comedian, recently spoke about health and nutrition in his popular podcast, Dynamic Communicators.  He explained how he had allowed himself to become so sick and exhausted that he ended up having to be cared for by paramedics at a Women of Faith conference where he was to speak.  It happens.

#2 – Clients often express a nagging sense of guilt over not being more available to their loved ones, patients or business customers. Clients may say “I have the answer so I have to help everyone who seeks me out” or “I feel so sorry for the condition my customer/patient is in – I must help...even if it's after hours and it dips into my personal time” - “I have to make the sacrifice again.  I've been given so's expected”.  So they work on, even at low capacity...even from fatigue and from illness. Their tank is empty.



Are you consistently refreshing yourself or are you slowly burning out?

The subject of burnout is more common now than ever before. It is happening to people in all types of careers, positions and levels of responsibility. I recently listened to a webinar by Dr. Daniel Kalish, founder of the Kalish Functional Medicine Model. He revealed that after assessing the health of participants in his program, he found that many healthcare practitioners actually suffer from burnout and are surprised by the results of their Adrenal Stress Profile tests. Some knew they were a little tired but others said they felt fine as they forged ahead in their purpose of caring for others. I could relate to his revelation. Like many, apparently, who work in service-based positions or businesses, I was stunned to realize 1) how little time I had allowed for refreshing myself after giving out much to help others and 2) how little I understood the need to establish boundaries that would protect me from burnout. Why am I passionately convinced that this is important to emphasize in the field of nutritional counseling?

Firefighter Nutrition

Firefighter Nutrition

Top 3 Deficiencies of Firefighters

In this episode, Camille Gallinger and David Soler discuss firefighter nutrition to help you take care of your body better and become more effective on the fire ground and in life.



There is a certain question on the client Personal Appraisal Intake form whose answer I always look for first. It's not “Do you have cravings for sugar?” nor is it “How much water do you drink” or “How many vegetables do you eat daily?”:

How would you rate your stress level at this time (On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest)?

By now, most people may have learned that stress is being referred to as the #1 proxy killer in the world today and it is a root cause of disease. Like you, perhaps, I have witnessed and experienced the dramatic effect that stress has on the body. 



“How and what you think makes a difference”

Your thought processes will be foundational to regaining your vitality. This is why I put so much emphasis on shifting mindsets. Just as focus and a healthy mindset can propel you to victory, a distracted and unhealthy mindset can keep you stuck. This is very obvious when a person is dealing with ongoing fatigue.

Here is an example: A client kept insisting that she is only “getting by”. As I listened to her and read her emails, it was clear to me that she had been in survival mode for a longtime.


Why Vitality?

Why Vitality?

“Nutrition is what you put into your body. Vitality is what you put into your soul.”

Could your thinking and health habits use an upgrade?
Is your response to stress and stressful situations wearing you down?

Over the years, I’ve seen many stressed and burned-out clients. Despite modest improvements, their thinking habits continued to rob them of their health and zest for life. Shifting their mindset from defeat to possibilities gave them renewed hope. It empowered them to relieve pressure, incorporate healthy habits, and maximize the benefits of my nutrition strategies.

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