The Vitality Exchange Community News

The Vitality Exchange Community News

BY Camille Gallinger, CN Monday, 10 October 2016

Hello Everyone,

I want to welcome and thank all the new readers from our recent (and yearly) Montgomery, Alabama seminar and from the first Trinidad-Tobago webinar! I’m grateful for you and hope the information and insight you receive from these letters and the blog will benefit you often!

In today’s news, I’d like to inform you of a new brand of tuna that I recently discovered. It is so low in mercury that it’s even pure enough for pregnant women and children to consume it without worry of being negatively impacted by mercury. Safe Catch Elite canned tuna is reported to have the lowest mercury level of any canned tuna brand. As you may know canned albacore tuna and light tuna, in general, are infamous for containing high levels of neurotoxic mercury and often come in a BPA-lined canned (see the blogpost on BPA and chemicals here). In addition, Safe Catch Tuna is additive and filler-free, soy and gluten-free, non-GMO verified and is packaged in a BPA-free can. (Note that when you see broth in the ingredient list of tuna, it is usually GMO-soy broth; this is not good for those whose GI tracts do not welcome soy or gluten, especially when one tends to eat a lot of tuna i.e. more than 24 oz per week). The team at SafeCatch Inc. adds neither oil nor water to their Elite tuna or to their Albacore tuna, just the naturally occurring juices and Omega 3 oils. Every single tuna is sustainably sourced, wild caught and tested for mercury. Many manufacturers rarely test tuna for mercury and others try to limit the content of their tuna. The limits for Safe Catch Elite Tuna is 10x stricter than the FDA mercury action limit while the limit for their Albacore Tuna is 3x stricter than the FDA mercury action limit. Safe Catch tuna is also dolphin safe meaning that no dolphins were killed or seriously injured in the methods used to catch tuna.

Finally, a pertinent question…how does Safe Catch Tuna taste? I think it’s delicious and I have made cold snacks and a warm tuna casserole with it; it has been described as amazing or the best-tasting tuna. It is available in health food stores (see ) and online at . I’m glad that more health food stores are carrying it because the first time I attempted to order the Elite tuna from the main website, they were sold out of all quantities but my local health food store had it. If your health food store does not yet carry it, ask them to call the company and request a wholesale account. Try Safe Catch Elite or Safe Catch Albacore tuna and let me know on Instagram -, what you think about it and how it compares to the brand you currently buy! For those of my clients who are expectant moms, children, elite athletes and/or are very discerning about their tuna, consider the Safe Catch Elite. If you have been a longtime fan of albacore but have been disappointed and hesitant to buy it because of your concern of mercury levels in albacore, try the Safe Catch Albacore Tuna

If have questions about Safe Catch tuna, go directly to their site or see their frequently asked questions page at

Camille Gallinger, CN; Self-Care Advocate

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