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Stress Emotions and Dietary Sabotage


By Camille Gallinger, CN

The holidays! It’s the time of the year that many clients communicate frustration and fear of nutrition setbacks.  Understandably they see it as the time that their personal health goals may be challenged. For instance, the person who has worked diligently to avoid the gluten and dairy to which they are quite sensitive may not want to pass up the delicious looking cakes and pies their aunt prepared. Maybe they consider bringing their own GFDF dessert but perhaps live in a culture or atmosphere where it is considered incredibly rude to bring your own food.

The most endearing challenge is this one: Seeing everyone laughing, singing, and bonding together over food and drinks draws them to want to be included on the tender moments.  They may reason “this one drink or one slice won’t hurt” or “I deserve this” or “I don’t want to feel left out”. We get it.  The heart of the healthcare practitioner is to support you and your goal to recover your vitality while understanding and being prepared for the times when “life happens.”

Celebrations are great and necessary but at the same time, our cry is “Whatever you do, don’t hit rock bottom while celebrating.  Don’t go too far.”  It is hard to see and hear when a client comes back and says something similar to “My stomach is killing me! Why did I eat all that cheese?” or “I knew I shouldn’t have drank so much but I felt pressured to”. (Which, in reality, no one was pressuring them to, it was simply an unhealthy thought pattern that defaulted to the idea of “what will everyone think of me if I don’t participate”)

Here are some considerations on using supplements and strategies that will help you avoid sabotaging your self-care this season:


1)      Have specialty enzymes on hand that help support digestion and minimize the adverse effects of problematic proteins such as gluten, dairy, egg or soy.  It is always best to avoid these foods when your intestinal system is trying to repair and heal.  Enzymes are definitely not a license to eat foods if these proteins but when you are occasionally exposed to excessive amounts, here is the enzyme I recommend to have on hand in a purse or pocket to take immediately before eating.

2)      Bring Electrolytes to the rescue! One characteristic that popular party beverages like caffeinated sodas and alcoholic drinks have in common is their dehydration effect.   While alcohol is the most dehydrating of all liquids, sodas also have dehydrating effects. It is the reason one experiences symptoms that range from nausea to headaches to mood swings as your body’s natural stores of water are depleted and the electrolytes (potassium, magnesium, sodium and chloride) are imbalanced. If you give in to the excessive intake of dehydrating liquids, immediately follow up with a glass full of filtered water and a high quality, sugar-free electrolyte formula to replace the electrolytes and water you will lose from unhealthy drinking.  Even better, have your electrolyte solution before and after any amounts of dehydrating liquids.

3)      Tenderly love your liver after any long term intake of toxins, additives and alcohol. Liver health is front and center to vitality recovery.  After all, if it is overtaxed with a toxic burden, it won’t be able to filter the chemical wastes properly and you will be set back to mood swings, headaches, skin breakout, constipation and a very upset stomach. Start now with detoxification support packets of liver detox herbs and use them throughout the holidays and just before you begin your formal detoxification program of the New Year. Stay tuned for the next blog post to find out the details for successfully completing a healthy detoxification program and renewing your health and vitality in 2017.

4)      Did you know that curcumin is an excellent liver protectant? Curcumin, the active constituent in turmeric, is good for several concerns including but not limited to pre and post support of the liver from the damage of alcohol, the acid residue left behind by alcohol and the aflatoxin mold found on peanuts and in peanut butter. It is also a powerful anti-inflammatory and may help calm worrisome headaches.

5)      A personal mantra for well-being:  Communicate and appreciate, don‘t ruminate.  The holidays are a wonderful time to appreciate your loved ones and the benefits they have added to your life.  It’s also a wonderful time to start making fresh plans for your personal renewal and appreciating all that you have learned rather than ruminating over the personal disappointments of the year. Ruminating over disappointments will decrease your vitality and possibly tempt you to turn to unhealthy, nutrient deficient foods and beverages for comfort.   Speak with supportive friends, family and even coaches who will encourage you to make the “communicate and appreciate” choice a life-giving habit.

Wisdom Source:  Who are the people who are always crying the blues? Who do you know who reeks of self-pity? Who keeps getting beat up for no reason at all? Whose eyes are bleary and bloodshot? It’s those who spend the night with a bottle, for whom drinking is serious business. Proverbs 23: 29-30 MSG


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