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Office Potlucks

(& those doughnuts)

7 Ideas to Safeguard Your Nutrition Goals


By Camille Gallinger, CN

One of the obstacles to maintaining energy (& steadily burning fat) of which clients commonly complain is the office potluck.  They don’t really blame their workplace or their colleagues; they just say that it is very difficult to avoid all the yummy-looking food, the fun and the camaraderie that make an office potluck. When looking at all that inviting food, it’s hard not to reason “this one time won’t hurt” or “I don’t want to be rude”. It’s absolutely understandable but every single time they return regretting the indulgence and complaining that they still have not lost any inches.  Consistently hearing the complaints and seeing the regret prompted me to consider helpful ways to reduce or alternate potluck choices that aren’t compatible with the client’s goals and yet still have fun and energy to brag about.  


Safeguard #1 – Always make sure you know ahead of time when a potluck is going to happen.  Being unaware leaves you unprepared and this makes it easier for you to indulge.

Safeguard #2 – Keep as many of your optimal foods in the office fridge as you can.  Don’t make them bland (simple rice cakes and celery) but make them fabulous  like healthy tuna placed in romaine lettuce boats topped with pomegranate arils; a glass container of kefir or yogurt with added walnuts (or blueberries); an avocado chocolate mousse (ask me in the Comments section for a recipe if needed), fruit skewers, a dark green leaf lettuce salad topped with chunks of a healthy deli turkey (see, cashews, and  drizzled with Arbequina olive oil (If you are craving cheese, consider a hormone-free shredded cheese and take a Digestzymes capsule along with it).

Safeguard #3 – A novel idea is to announce and set up a Nutribullet or Magic Bullet station. Have others bring their extra cups so they can make their own blended smoothie. 

Safeguard #4 – Keep your desk drawer stocked with healthy, delicious snack bars.  Around here at Vitality Enterprises, rich-tasting Cocommune bars and P.B. Meal bars are incredibly popular followed by Dale’s raw protein bars and Rx bars.

Safeguard #5 – Unless you are overly acidic and have to avoid carbonated drinks, make an attractive mineral water beverage using San Pellegrino water and real fruit or the juice of that fruit. Slices of blood oranges or lemons and basil leaves added to this mineral-rich sparkling water come to mind.

Safeguard #6 – Make lunch time your runtime!  Bring your jogging suit and running shoes for a quick change and hit trail for a quick run. 

Safeguard #7 – Be the last in line! By the time you get to table, there may not be as hearty of a selection nor will it look as appealing. If you need a little motivation, find a colleague to mingle with as you wait. (I guarantee there is someone else there who wants to avoid over-indulging as much as you do.

Do you have any ideas that have worked for you like a charm?  Please comment below.

Wisdom Source: If you are a big eater, put a knife to your throat Proverbs 23:2 NLT

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