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Are You Toxic? 

Reducing common toxins that drain your vitality

By Camille Gallinger, CN


(Part 1 here)

Because I received much positive feedback from so many of you on reducing common toxins, I’ve decided to include  a Part 2 summarizing four more sources that can subtly reduce vitality.  This  resonates with me personally because I know that exposure to toxins was one of the factors that caused me to become increasingly tired when I was struggling as a teen and in my early twenties with asthma and a low immune system.  “Cleaning up my act” made a big difference in my ability to breathe, in my energy levels and my mental focus. Here is another set of toxicants* to address:

Chemical Air fresheners:

Air fresheners contain potentially health-threatening irritants that do not truly clean the air or eliminate odors with which they come in contact.  Rather, they often “cover up” odors with fragrance-holding phthalates (chemicals that make plastics softer), petrochemicals, and formaldehyde that release hormone disrupting pollutants in the air continuously while heavily “scenting” the air.

An interesting study that the Environmental Working Group did on a popular commercial air freshener revealed that it contained 87 chemicals including ones that are neurotoxic, immunotoxic, allergenic and irritating to the lungs.

Some of the chemicals were even implicated in developmental and reproductive toxicity.  See for more information on that study.

Two healthier options that you might consider are :

1) the use of a diffuser that fragrances with high quality essential oils or

2) a probiotic mist that deodorizes the air, surfaces and fabrics safely.  I’ve been using a product that reduces allergens and odors called Stabiotics by Airbiotics USA for the last few months and I am very satisfied with it.

See for more information.  If you prefer to experience a distinctive scent in your car, use essential oil mists that are available from your favorite spa or essential oils company.


Antiperspirant deodorants are effective but they contain aluminum chlorohydrate (which plug sweat ducts), parabens and phthalate-based fragrance blends to cover odor and absorb the wetness.  These have been linked to breast cancers as they are hormonally disruptive and mimic estrogen. Phthalates have even been linked to lower testosterone and male infertility.  Further, some conventional antiperspirants contain triclosan for its antibacterial action (but it also kills the needed beneficial bacteria), the allergen and neurotoxin propylene glycol to soften the product and talc to absorb the sweat.  Too much accumulated aluminum can also displace magnesium causing one to excrete it in the urine.  People can even react to synthetic fragrances.  Opt for an aluminum and chemical-free deodorant to protect yourself.  More companies and family-owned businesses are creating safe and effective deodorants that work but you will have to experiment in order to find one that works specifically for you.   Write me in the comments section and I will name a few that my advocates and I have tested and found effective.  I have found one that does not even contain baking soda (or sodium bicarbonate) to which some people can have a delayed reaction when mixed with essential oils. These reactions include itching and darkening of the skin after a few weeks use. Go to the site and leave a comment and I will share what I have found.

Toxic Laundry Detergents:

Some laundry detergents contain chemicals that are hormonal disruptors, neurotoxin, skin, eye and lung irritants (a terrible face irritation was my experience) and possible reproductive and developmental side effects.  See to rate the detergent you currently use as well as see suggestions of vegetable and plant-based detergents.


The current BPA-free alternative to Bisphenol-A (the industrial chemical used to make plastics and resins and which can be leached into water and foods after long term heat or constant exposure) in low grade plastics.  This chemical was thought safe since it was more resistant to leaching but was found to possibly cause problems with embryonic development and disruptions to the reproductive system. Back to the drawing board – Considering replacing your plastics and building up your collection of glass and stainless steel. Clean and re-use a glass bottle that you have at home. One idea for home water is to obtain a large glass jug and take it to a grocery store that has a verified water filter, fill up your jug(s) there and use this water.   Alternatively, you can invest in a good water filter.  The latest one that I like is the Big Berkey System which removes pathogenic bacteria, parasites, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and organic solvents. See

If you regularly take in toxic chemicals from your home products and/or apply them to your skin, it can be very hard on the liver.  When your liver is constantly assaulted, your whole body is negatively affected.  You may notice the tendency to be slow-moving, fatigued, congested in the morning and more prone to skin eruptions. Even if you are not experiencing these issues, maybe you want to increase your personal vitality. Believe, a soup of toxic chemicals is working against your goal of increasing your vitality. Take measure to considerably reduce your intake.  And don’t rely on the bi-yearly nutritional cleanse kits alone, but rather simultaneously  incorporate overall strategies that daily support the function of your liver and/or relieve the daily burden.

Eat plenty of greens (think watercress, dandelion greens, kale, and broccoli), drink green juices or consume excellent green powders in water to arm your body with the natural cleansers and protectors (called antioxidants).  This will help you deal with the toxins on a daily basis.  In addition to greens, some detoxifying foods that support the liver’s ability to detoxify harmful chemical include lemons, artichokes, asparagus, avocados, beets, garlic, and grapefruit.  Again, stay well-hydrated with water and coconut water.  You will notice that these are wise foundational strategies for refreshing your energy and building vitality.

*I learned today from reading Dr. Alan Christanson’s latest post that the proper term is actually toxicants rather than toxins so I may follow suit and use this term…

Wisdom Source: Let the wise listen and add to their learning, and let the discerning get guidance (Proverbs 1:5 NIV)

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