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How to Save Your Energy When Stress Hits

By  Camille Gallinger, CN

You have a calling, a mission, and a purpose.  You have goals to achieve and obstacles to overcome. You have problems to solve and an impact to make. But right now, you may be in an incredibly frustrating season or a horrendous ordeal.  How much more difficult is it to complete your goals or make your impact when your mind is strong but your body is weak and nearly worn out? Ideally, we want you to have the physical energy to match all the creative energy that is housed within our soul.   This week I am suggesting 4 physical tips for protecting your energy and regaining strength when stress-induced fatigue starts showing up in your body.

#1 – Eat foods that are rich in probiotics (the beneficial bacteria that improves digestion and optimizes your immune system) such as kefir, yogurt, miso soup and/or kimchi. When you are under a lot of stress, digestion and absorption usually will not be optimal and you may tend to notice more gas, bloating, indigestion and a frequent tendency to catch colds.  If this is happening, you are not absorbing the energy-producing nutrients you need and fatigue will set in.  Having an unhealthy gut with too little good bacteria can even increase your tendency to gain weight and feel depressed.

#2 – Replace the energy-giving nutrients that you lose as a result of constantly pushing yourself or after being subjected to chronic stress. Replenish your body with B vitamins during times of intense stress.  When you are chronically frustrated and tense, your body tends to use more energy.  Extra B vitamins are needed to produce energy and support your adrenal glands especially when stress is chronic.  You can imagine that it would not take long to deplete the B vitamins as a result of all the energy being used. This is one of the reasons one can feel so exhausted after taxing moments.  While you are under intense stress take 1-2 capsules of broad spectrum B vitamins to keep energy flowing.  Add to your eating style foods that are rich in various B vitamins such as asparagus, spinach, broccoli, snapper, salmon, black beans, kidney beans, avocados, and parsley.

#3 – In the evening drink calming teas such as Holy Basil tea as it will help you better adapt to stress. In other words, the constituents in Holy Basil tea can help your body withstand the effects of physical and emotional stress better and avoid burnout because it lowers levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. Some people report not only a greater ability to relax from stress and anxiety but also greater levels of mental clarity after regular use.

#4 – Take digestive enzymes and probiotics. When highly stressed, your body often goes into a fight or

flight response in defense of a perceived (or real) threat. Because the digestive system utilizes so much energy, the body essentially turns the digestion down in order to retrieve needed energy for the strong fight or flight response it has to make. Taking a full-spectrum enzyme to assist with the breakdown of foods would be wise while your own digestion is somewhat impaired. Even probiotic supplements assist in digestion and keeping your gut from being overrun in harmful bacteria produced as a result of poorly digested foods and excess antibiotics.  Taking extra care of your gastrointestinal tract will mean a stronger immune system and better absorption of the nutrients from your food.

Next week I will share 4 Lifestyle strategies to protect your energy while under stress!

Wisdom Source: A joyful heart helps healing; but a broken spirit dries up the bones. Proverbs 17:22 (CEB)

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