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Stop Putting Your Health and Well Being in the Backseat

By  Camille Gallinger, CN

For the overwhelmed, over-obligated and overbooked

When I consider clients who complain of exhaustion, I often hear two foundational common factors-

#1 – They love their work or calling so much that they sometimes lose balance and ultimately over-do for others and under-do for themselves. These overworked individuals make multiple commitments to others but often neglect to make time to create space for their own care and recreation. It’s easy to do.  Ken Davis, a professional speaker and comedian, recently spoke about health and nutrition in his popular podcast, Dynamic Communicators.  He explained how he had allowed himself to become so sick and exhausted that he ended up having to be cared for by paramedics at a Women of Faith conference where he was to speak.  It happens.

#2 – Clients often express a nagging sense of guilt over not being more available to their loved ones, patients or business customers. Clients may say “I have the answer so I have to help everyone who seeks me out” or “I feel so sorry for the condition my customer/patient is in – I must help…even if it’s after hours and it dips into my personal time” – “I have to make the sacrifice again.  I’ve been given so much…it’s expected”.  So they work on, even at low capacity…even from fatigue and from illness. Their tank is empty.

It’s OKAY to focus on your own health and well-being first. It’s actually PRUDENT to take a break, if you have to, in order to refuel and avoid burnout. It’s better to be at your best when caring for your responsibilities and living out your purpose.  Be a model not a martyr. If we continue to suffer, our family, our businesses, our co-workers and our patients will eventually suffer as well.  But if we take care of our energy and feed our vitality we can help those entrusted to us more powerfully and without depleting in the process.

This week two clients reported making healthier choices for their lifestyle!  The first client says she is FINALLY going on a true “non-working, non-hurried” vacation.  She is even putting away her Smartphone for a while and opting for a temporary prepaid phone so there won’t be any reason to feel tempted to connect to social media, the news and or email distractions. Another health-compromised client, who is learning to say “no” to seemingly endless requests, courageously turned down a person whom she highly esteems because he requested that she make a three hour drive to volunteer her gifts and talents.  To her, it finally made sense to stop putting demands on her body for energy she really no longer had.  She chose rather, to give herself time and rest to fully utilize the nutrients she daily gives her body to recover.  These ladies are excited about their mindset shifts and I am excited for their results!!

Now, I want you to put your healthcare in the front seat.  You’re not built for guilt and just as there is a time for giving, there’s also a time for receiving. Give your food, supplements, exercise and healthy relationships a chance to work and build your vitality.


Wisdom Source: The human spirit can endure sickness, but a crushed spirit who can bear?  Proverbs 18:14 NIV


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