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Regain personal vitality through managing relational stress

“You Get What You Tolerate”


PRIORITIZING your wellness and personal vitality takes courage. One of the best things I ever did to protect my personal vitality was to release toxic relationships that were routinely draining my energy. Like many healthcare professionals, I tend to be heart-centered and want very much to help people break free from the cycle of dis-ease, fatigue, and defeating lifestyle habits. Sometimes our hearts can be so invested in the work and the end result, that we nearly lose our hold on our own self-care. But there is a stress that is worse than work overload. It’s the disempowering relationships that we continue to tolerate that drain our energy levels and our motivation for superior self-care.


I want to encourage you to be courageous and make an assessment of your relationships, especially those to which you are exposed most. Are you tolerating relationships with people who constantly degrade you and your efforts to prioritize your health? Are you allowing people to continually take cheap shots at your food choices and exercise habits? What about other areas of your life? Who drains your life with their negativity or their lack of support for you despite your care and concern for their life challenges? Who demands your respect but routinely belittles your efforts to improve your own life? Who attempts to make you feel “less than” or “not enough” as they constantly compete with you rather than connect with you?

Sometimes it takes more than setting boundaries – it takes a release…a necessary ending. Negative input from close relationships can so impact our energy levels and momentum for self-care that our immune system can suffer even after taking the best vitamins and eating the most appropriate foods. Naysayers can be relentless when you take a stand to change your habits and better your life because they take it personally. But you don’t have to be a victim of other people’s negativity and opposition to your pursuit of better health and a better life. You can make the decision to stop tolerating disempowering relationships and start managing your self-care so that you can live out your purpose and serve humanity without burning yourself out.

If you have an unhealthy mindset that manifests itself as a victim mentality, a people pleaser, a savior complex, or an ”I’m less deserving” mentality, stop it now and give yourself some grace. Be courageous and focus on making self-care a priority. Release (and bless) those who choose to disrespect and sabotage you. Be dedicated to your personal vitality and spend more time on your wellness first so you can give from a healthy overflow.

Go to the Comments section below and let me know that you are going to take responsibility and stop tolerating negative blows that de-energize you.

Today will be the day that you show yourself grace and continue to practice courageous self-care.

Wisdom Source: Know also that wisdom is like honey for you: If you find it, there is a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off.   Proverbs 24:14- NIV

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