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Support, Secret Saboteurs And Your Health Goals

By Camille Gallinger, CN

There is value in working “in community” to reach your vitality goals ( vitality is defined as “health and stellar momentum”.)

It is much easier to make the changes when you have help, mentorship or encouragement than it is when you are isolated and trying to do it on your own.  Are you working to lose weight?  Isn’t it easier to make the necessary changes when your family and friends support you rather than tempt you?  Are you working to re-arrange your life so that you can better adapt to and reduce stress for your health’s sake?  Do you have someone who can empathetically or skillfully support  you in this lifestyle change?  Are you aware of your saboteurs?  Just like critics, they  do exist.

Let me give you an example and a strategy for handling them.

I remember the first year when my main focus turned to giving myself “time” set apart to recreate and rest from  working with clients in order to avoid possible overwhelm and burnout.  It was at that time that I learned about the stress of secret saboteurs.  I communicated and re-communicated with my colleagues and clients that I would no longer be answering client work emails on the weekends since I had dedicated so much time to it on Monday – Friday.  I realized that I needed the time to “re-fill and regenerate” rather than constantly “pour out” and risk “coming to the end of my rope”.  It was a wise move and to this day I encourage others to take “Me time” or “family-only time”.

Be aware that you will need to decide now to focus on your long-term goal because obstacles and secret saboteurs will show up.  People will attempt to purposely disregard your boundaries and exert control or sabotage.  But there will be a few who will understand as you work to overcome obstacles.  I love what a client did years ago when first began working to stick to my new habit– he sent a Saturday email and for some reason, I unwisely decided to give in to my feeling of pressure and make an exception to answer.  Boy, did he ever lovingly let me have it.  He had assumed I would wait till Monday and when I didn’t, he urged me to stick to my convictions and model adherence to my health strategies to the best of my ability for my own sake and for the sake of the clients for whom I cared so much.

I will always be grateful for that act of support.  It convinced me of the importance of identifying supporters on the journey as well as secret saboteurs.   When progress seems slow or you find yourself choosing a food or habit that works against building your vitality, you will find it most strategic to know who is who on your road to health and stellar momentum.

Wisdom Source:  The righteous choose their friends carefully, but the way of the wicked leads them astray.  Proverbs 12:26  NIV

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